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Meet the LiFE360 team

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I lost my Dad suddenly when I was 10yrs old. The Life insurance that my parents had in place ensured that we were able to stay in our home, attend college, & not lose everything else on top of losing our father.


My mission is to ensure you have the same experience that I did when life happens to you.


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I was devastated to find out that my Dad had terminal cancer at his young age of 55. He did not have Life insurance. 


My mission is to make sure that every person has a life insurance policy in place to protect the ones they love before tragedy strikes. I have a feeling my Dad is pretty proud of that.

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My grandfather died before I was born. I saw the roadblocks and devastation that came from his passing without a Life insurance policy in place to take care of his children.

My mission is to make sure that every child and grandchild is not only left the memories and life lessons but the financial support to help make their dreams become a reality. 


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